As an independent financial services company, Rhino Capital can provide you with an array of local and international products and services.

We have also over the years built relationships with a panel of independent professionals who assist us in advising clients on complex tax and financial issues.

We render the following services to a diverse client base and small to medium enterprises:

  • Fiduciary advice services
  • Global Financial Planning
  • Holistic Investment Management
  • Cash Management Services
  • Estate and Trust Planning
  • Private Client Asset Management
  • Pension and Retirement fund Consulting

We assist in making the right investment decisions based on proper analysis of:

  • Risk profile;
  • Income requirements;
  • Tax exposure;
  • Estate duties;
  • Long term needs; and
  • Liquidity requirements.

Local Investment

Life Insurance and Investment Products:

We can facilitate quotes, summaries and the assessment of investment and insurance products from all the major insurers in South Africa such as PPS, Sanlam, Liberty Life, Momentum, etc.

Linked Product Companies
(Asset Managers):

Service providers are selected on their product range, administration capabilities, service and fees. Rhino Capital offers the services of all the major linked product companies In South Africa such as Ninety One, Momentum Wealth, Sanlam Glacier, Allan Gray, PPS Investments, etc.

Share Portfolios: 

The management and trading of shares and other instruments are offered through platforms such as Momentum Securities.

Planning Process

We strive to enhance the value of clients investment portfolios through pro-active asset management. We achieve this by allocating investments between the different asset classes – equity, property, bonds, and cash – locally and internationally as well as alternative investments. Every client of RHINO CAPITAL is unique and portfolios are constructed to suit your individual needs – we do not believe in a one-size fits all approach.

The process we follow to construct a financial strategy is however always the same and consists of the following five steps:

Client Profile

In order to provide our clients with a high level of service and a tailor-made solution adapted to individual requirements, RHINO CAPITAL has to profile and select the specific clients with whom it is going to enter into a long-term financial relationship.

This approach not only allows our business to dedicate its time and resources to every individual client, but also to concentrate on important factors such as economic research and portfolio management.

The following is the criteria for an ideal client:

➢ Manageable/Investable assets exceeding ZAR 500 000 – Wealth Preservation;
 ➢ Monthly investable cash flow exceeding R1000 – Wealth Creation; 

  • Is serious about personal financial success and maintaining a quality lifestyle;  
  • Want to diversify their asset and income base;
  • Has financial goals to achieve and is willing to delegate these goals  to a Trusted Advisor; 
  • Is committed to have their investments managed by RHINO CAPITAL;

Fee Structure

As professional wealth managers, RHINO CAPITAL values the trust our clients place in us. For this reason we choose to involve our clients in putting together an efficient costing structure suitable to their individual requirements.


There are two components in determining the appropriate fee structure:

(I). Financial Planning Fees

We charge a professional fee for analyzing your portfolio and creating an individual, bespoke financial strategy. This is calculated on a time spent basis to recover our costs and is charged at a rate of R2 000 per strategy / proposal. This fee is waived once our recommended proposals or strategies are accepted and implemented.

(II). Structuring and Portfolio Management Fees

  1. Initial Portfolio Structuring fee: An initial fee is charged for the consultation, planning and strategy process in determining the best allocation, risk profile and positioning for your investment. This includes research on economic factors and fund management. Initial portfolio structuring fee: 0.5 %
  2. Annual Portfolio Management fee: The on-going advice fee is charged for an active management approach and annual review of the investment strategy. This includes annual face-to-face consultations. Due to each investment being unique this will be discussed and determined during the initial consultation.

At RHINO CAPITAL we understand that with individual needs, a possible need for flexibility and transparency in costing structures could arise and we would therefore like to invite you to discuss any concerns or questions with us to ensure peace of mind.

With more than 16 years’ experience, we own the expertise to structure the correct portfolio according to each investor’s needs; incorporating various structures where and when necessary.